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The company is a successor of the former Enterprise IUPS may 9 Lugoj, founded in 1974, when the current location was built. During the period 1974-1989 IUPS may 9 Lugoj has produced a wide range of machines and spare parts for the light industry (textiles, leather and footwear, garments, etc.).

In the year 1990 SC Silcom SA was born, which functioned as a State owned enterprise, until 1999, when it was privatized up to 100%. In the period 1990-1999 SC Silcom SA has maintained the previously profile of the production and also then appeared the first collaborations with foreign enterprises for which have been produced various spare parts. During this time were manufactured the first parts for the low pressure die-cast aluminum machine, which formed the basis of future productive activities of SC Silcom SA.

Starting with the year 1999, after privatization, the production was export-oriented, in countries of Western Europe (Germany, Austria, France), with small exceptions when parts were produced for the romanian market. Thus, starting from 1999 until present, the production for export represented about 99% of the total production of SC Silcom SA.

Since 1999, the main production activity has been directed towards the production of mechanical parts of the low pressure die-cast aluminum machines (up to 2013 there have been produced components for approximately 850 parts of such machines of various shapes and sizes, depending on the specs of the beneficiaries ' orders). Also, in this period, in addition to the parts and subassemblies for these machines, were produced for various foreign companies components for various tools and equipments (dies, molds, hydraulic turbines, etc.) and parts for the car industry automation line. There were also produced, on order, kits and subassemblies of high to medium complexity which required design and execution.